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Katja Staring, editor-in-chief of DailyGreenspiration

Please do contact me if you would like to show your green inspiration to the world.

News items

For DailyGreenspiration I am always on the hunt for special green news and natural inspiration.

I seek that everywhere on earth, from urban life, to deep down nature. I find it indoors and outdoors, from north to south, on the street corner or at a mountain top. When there’s green to see, smell, feel and discover, I love it!

If you have some news, send it to me, so I can publish about it when it fits into my mission and my content calendar.

Content production

Myself and a team of makers can provide you with pictures, video’s, graphics and text. We also are able to create unique publishing concepts especially for your audience. We are specialists in storytelling, journalism, audience-targeted content and creating compelling information.

Do contact me!

Send me a PM/DM through my social media or Linkedin OR send me an e-mail via info [at] [website-name]

I am quite a quick responder, normally.

Read more about my mission.