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This is the Year of the Dutch Botanic Gardens

Dutch Botanic Gardens

In my country The Netherlands, 2017 is ‘the year of the botanic gardens’. I found out that we have about 24 botanic gardens. Thats quite a lot. Botanic Guardians

Talk with plants with an app?

From 22 April in all gardens you can visit an exhibition that focuses on the most special plants in their collections. Remarkable fact: visitors can use the newly developed app, made in collaboration with Waag Society – to start a conversation with the plants! That’s something I would like to try!

Botanic Guardians

All activities are organized under the name Botanic Guardians, because the botanical gardens are seen as keepers of biodiversity.

Useful information

More information on all 24 Dutch botanic gardens you will find on this website.

See also my blog on the Hortus Amsterdam, one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world: 375 years.