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How the French spice up life with the ‘ville fleurie’

It started about 60 years ago, the French label of towns and villages in bloom – the so called ville fleurie. It now mobilizes almost a third of the French communes.

More than 4.700 French towns have the label ‘ville fleurie’, which comes in a ranking from 1 to 4 flowers.

As it started with the question: which town has the most beautiful flower decoration, the label has been evolving.

Nowadays it is committed to issues such as improving the living environment, development of the local economy, attractiveness of tourism, respect for the environment, social bonding. But still: more plant and flower joy in public spaces.

To encourage the communities, every year there’s prices in all kinds of categories.

In the search for a ville fleurie

You might go on a holiday to France this summer? Then search for the ville fleurie in your region. Below this post there’s a link to a search engine.

And: show me your pictures on social media. Please use #spreadnaturelove so I can find you!

ville fleurie

There’s the mairie (town hall) and tourist offices with flowers.

Mainly you’ll see pelargonium and petunia.

ville fleurie

Little streets and patios with hydrangea, roses and hollyhocks.

ville fleurie

The French are not afraid of some heavy colour blocking.

ville fleurie

Churches in style. The hanging basket is favourite.

ville fleurie

Well, in garden department of the town Saint-Nicolas in Bretagne is going wild! With large boxes on the street and big planters on the bridges.

ville fleurie

Along the seaside of Brittany, the colours tend to be more soft, blue and grey.

ville fleurie

Inventions of all kinds from individual gardeners.

ville fleurie

In Rennes the city chose a modern style on the central square.


More info about the Ville Fleurie

For a list see the official website of the ville fleurie foundation. There’s a search engine if you want to know if the town you will be visiting is an extra flowery one.

In other countries, there’s also flower towns, Communities in Bloom, like in Belgium, Italy, the UK and Ireland.