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Toestaan Eén keer toestaan Blokkeren

Treat your winter blues in a botanic greenhouse


Especially in February or March the winter blues is getting an annoying grip. At least here in this part of Europe. Solution: go to the nearest botanic garden and lock yourself a while in the greenhouse. The best cure.

The last winter months I visited three greenhouses: in the botanic gardens of Munich, Amsterdam and Utrecht. Come along and experience in what ways they’ll cure you.

Wonderful colours

There’s flowers and colours that will cheer you up. Like the orange clivia that blossoms mid March (Utrecht), the yellow Tongblaarvygie (Glottiphyllum longum) (Amsterdam) and some other amazing species (Utrecht, Munich).


Strange plants

A lot of plants will amaze you because of their unusual looks. What is this?


Remarkable leaves

Details will make you focus. Watch the leaves. Look at their form, veins, colour, size.

First three plants are to be seen in Utrecht and the cactus grows in Amsterdam.


Cactus, sedum and succulent

Join the edgy parties in the desert greenhouses! Like in Munich:


Tropical feel

Feel the heat, throw out your jacket and sweat in the tropical indoor rain forest!

The Three Climate Greenhouse in Amsterdam (left) is from 1993 and houses three zones with different climates, representing the subtropics, the desert, and the tropics.

In Utrecht (right) the tropical collection has many Orchids and Bromeliads and specializes in plants from the northern part of the neotropics (South America), with also food plants like Banana, Mango and Vanilla.



Look up. Another joy of greenhouses is their architecture. Pay attention to the construction and the special styles and spaces, to give the plants all they need.


Most photographed spot in Munich.


Munich, Amsterdam, Utrecht. In Utrecht they designed a high roof for their immense airplants; Tilandsia.


In Amsterdam the greenhouses are over 100 years old. The monumental Palm Greenhouse is built in 1912 and accommodates a large collection of palms, cycads and pot plants.

Ideas and inspiration

Get your own indoor garden inspiration in the greenhouse. You might create a wall like this at home?

Seen in Utrecht.


Or use a palm in a large wooden bucket as a curtain, like in Amsterdam?


Learning about (strange) names

As botanic gardens are mostly founded and kept by universities or scientific institutes, you’ll find lots to learn. Like the fact that the big round cactus is name is ‘Mother In Laws Chair’. Funny, funny! Or you read how the coffee plant is growing. Or practice some latin knowledge.


Greenhouse information

In this post you see pictures taken in three botanic gardens with greenhouses: