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Play a nature game and go for bush pic hunting

Nature Game

You can play this game during the whole year, with people from all ages. You might even play it alone. I do that 🙂 It’s a smart way to get everybody off the couch and develop an eye for the miracles of nature.

How does it work?

Ask everyone to take a digital camera, most of the times that will be a smartphone.

Find a natural place with lots of trees, in a bit varied landscape.

Make a printable route (call it a bush treasure map or make up another adventurous name) and add a list of assignments. Like:

  1. Take a picture of 3 round things
  2. Look for 2 faces
  3. Discover 3 weird elements of nature
  4. Collect 9 natural things that you find loose on the ground (like leaves, acorns, chestnuts, moss, stones, wood, shells, feathers)
  5. Take a picture sitting down, or on your knees, or even lying stretched out on the ground
  6. Make a picture of a remarkable detail
  7. Make a landscape picture
  8. Look up: what do you spot?
  9. Try to make a picture of an animal: bird, snail, insect, bug, butterfly, or…?

Tip: write your mobile phone number on the print, in case someone drifts apart.

In case of assigment 4: hand out a nice little (paper) bag or box to collect everything.

Nature Game
I see faces!

When playing with small children, you might want to make little groups accompanied by a grownup. You don’t want anyone get lost!

Nature Game
And another face…
Nature Game
Weird elements.

Later you all gather. Let everybody show their best pics. Maybe you share them in an app or on a secret Facebook Page.

Then you play with the collected finds. Be creative and imaginative!

Encourage people to make nice mosaics with their natural findings, or have them making animal figures with it.

You also can combine all the findings together in one large masterpiece.

You might bring a table cloth or paper where the stuff can be displayed on, or you use a picnic bench or a tree trunk that does well as a display.

Nature Game

Nature GameNature Game

Nature GameNature Game

Nature Game

Nature Game

Nature Game

Make a picture of the pieces of art and share those later.

You might make a collage or slideshow of all pictures in an app like Photo Grid. Or make a digital overview on your PC with the tools Sway or Adobe Spark and email the link to everyone.

You might even have the greatest ones printed out on paper, on canvas, a mug or T-shirt?

In any case: have fun!

O yes: when posting on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter): use the hashtag #spreadnaturelove so I can find and like and love them!