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Katja Staring DailyGreenspiration Mission
Editor-in-chief Katja Staring

I started DailyGreenspiration on Instagram. Just to show my garden pictures. By the followers I got from all over the world I soon realized how important green is to all of us.

Guerrilla gardeners in New York City, balcony growers in Mumbai or Berlin, nature hikers, forest wanderers, landscapers, horticulturists, mountaineers, veggie growers, flower faffers, botanical illustrators…

…we all have one thing in common: we experience the beauty of nature and can’t live without it.

The color green makes people happier, healthier. Nature is a wellness place: it brings you joy, a clearer mind and lots of energy!

My mission is to make all people see that we humans just can’t live without green. And connect all green lovers in the world. We need to experience green every day to live a happy life. And then we will automatically take better care of Mother Earth.

So… surround yourself with green. It’s easy.

Follow me for green wonder and wander!

Want to cooperate, collaborate, contribute? Contact me!

Let’s #spreadnaturelove

Green content hub

DailyGreenspiration is a green content hub. With a team of content creators we make content about ‘living with nature’, healthy living in general, green city and urban nature solutions, gardening and gardens, ecological subjects with a relation to sustainability and environmental issues, eco and slow travel on green destinations.

We are happy to work with you to create content that suits us both. Get in touch with editor-in-chief Katja to get in touch and be inspired.

And: green people and companies: do send us your green news! We are happy to publish about your project, idea, service or campaign if it matches our mission too.


I am an independent facilitator for sessions on business development, communication and collaboration. I started my career as a travel journalist, became an editor-in-chief for magazines and am an entrepreneur for years now. I am a conceptual thinker that likes to explore new horizons all the time.