Make treats for birds in your garden

Get more wildlife in your garden. Make treats for birds. These seed snacks you can make yourself easily and: they are plastic free.

Gather (salt free) nuts, seeds and raisins. Plus little espresso cups. Buy baking grease. Get some rope.
Melt the grease on a very low fire. Add the nuts/seeds/raisings.
bird snacks
Add to half an orange. Make holes in it with a pin.
Fill up the cups. Tie to a tree or a bird feeding house and see who will come visiting yo soon for a cuppa!

Other treats for birds


treats birds

Get a bottle and some kitchen spoons and your bird feed unit is ready.

treats for birds

Apples are the easiest snack, but not so popular compared to the grease snacks… Birds are like humans.

treats for birds

Made a peanut garland. I needed a strong piercer to make the holes.

bird snack

TIP from Insta-friend @QuickElaine: fir cones with grease, (pea)nuts and seeds. Hang ‘m in trees and shrubs.