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There’s plenty of green to discover in Den Bosch

Den Bosch

‘s-Hertogenbosch. It’s the classy name for the city that we normally call Den Bosch. This capital of the province Noord-Brabant is a green hub in a land of marshes. It is an old town, with lots of ancient beauty. And: plenty of green spots.

I know Den Bosch (in 1184 it got city rights) quite well as I grew up next to it, I’ve got family roots here and my father lives in the center.

My the favourite green activities here:

  • hiking in the nature around town
  • making a boat tour on the partly covered canals through the historic town
  • walking on the Parade, a rectangle square surrounded with chestnut trees, next to the famous Saint John Cathedral (Sint Jan) with a precious Maria chapel where people bring flowers every day
  • shopping at the vivid Saturday market with flower stands
  • browsing in the specialized shops, the little squares and streets and the arty spots. Come along:

Den Bosch

Fresh in town is Oerwoud, a shop that is a jungle, a tea room, a lunch spot and sometimes a workshop or yoga space. I really like the vibe.

Den Bosch

Find yourself a way through this cosy forest.

Den Bosch Oerwoud

Oerwoud is great for small green gifts like an airplant (Tilandsia), a pin (got myself a Monstera Leaf) or a larger cactus, succulent or hanging basket with some exotic nature stuff.

Den Bosch

Present for a dear friend.

Den Bosch

In the Verwerstraat there’s a lot to see, like the art museum. For some green inspiration the shop Westside is a recommendation.

Den Bosch Westside

Westside is selling a mix of retro furniture, art books, fashion, plants, flowers, and divergent paraphernalia.

Den Bosch

  1. Koekwaus, a concept store where they embraced the cactus.
  2. Willem II is a concert and exhibition location with a nice lunch room and place to see free art.

Den Bosch

3. Outdoor terrace in the Verwerstraat.

4. The Bastionder is one of the renewed green spots in the city.

5. Nice plant idea on a shop in the Vughterstraat, not far from Oerwoud.

6. The Dieze is the river that runs trough the city.

Bossche Broek

Great for a hike, just out of town: the marshlands mega close to the center, the Bosschebroek. See the dramatic clouds!

Den Bosch wandelen

Hiking from the Bossche Broek to the nearby lake IJzeren Man.

cityhike Den Bosch

In the former military terrain Fort Isabella (1617), now all kinds of small business is developing in the former barracks. There’s a nice lunchroom called ‘t Stroopsoldaatje and there’s also a restaurant, De Pure Keuken.

den bosch schild

Green ‘Duketown’, as Den Bosch is called sometimes.

Den Bosch pavement

Pavement garden on a hidden little square.


Have you got some more green tips on Den Bosch?

Tell me about it.


Information on green Den Bosch

  • Make a boat trip and discover hidden corners and ‘city wild life’ seen from the water.
  • All the basic info you’ll find on the Visit Den Bosch website (in Dutch and English).
  • Nature on top! The city council is promoting ‘green roofs’, which means that inhabitants can ask for a fund to turn their roof into a nature spot. Take an online tour to see what’s going on on top of the buildings.
  • Enjoy the crowdfunding video of Oerwoud: