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November blues? Get some colourtherapy in nature

Colourtherapy in Nature

Winter annoys you? Get some colourtherapy in nature!

In November the Dutch photographer Else Kramer organized a 10 Day Colour Therapy, a challenge to go on the hunt for colour. In the early morning participants got an e-mail with the clue for the hue for that day. Every night I was very curious which colour would be my visual guide tomorrow.

My extra personal challenge was to find that colour in nature… It really was good for me to enter winter time this way, whilst discovering still so many beautiful colored elements. So when you feel a bit uninspired or annoyed by winter time: just go for some color hunting! It does one well!

Colourtherapy in nature


Taking off with yellow. Devotedly on the hunt for today’s color yellow, stepping off my bike all the time. Even spotting it on tree barks 💛

Colourtherapy in Nature

Dark Blue

The sky and the water in almost dark blue this morning above the lake Naardermeer, my daily hike destination. Spotting dark blue in nature now is a challenge, but I do everything for #Colourtherapy 💙 so I walked an extra mile and dove into a prickly bush to catch this berry. In Amsterdam I passed by those Jugendstil (fluent floral elements inspired by nature) tiles.

Colourtherapy in Nature


Brown is a beautiful colour too! The crispy brown of female alder catkins. The mighty colour of gall-nuts. An almost leaving apple tree leaf in my garden.

Colourtherapy in Nature


Is it pink, is it red, is it orange? I think it’s a pretty plant will do for both. I took a flower apart to redesign it. Pink is a hue that is hard to find in autumn nature here, but hey, this hydrangea still shows some! 💕

Colourtherapy in Nature


White is the last color of this hydrangea flower, soon it will crumble to dust… White pictures were easy this day, because it had been freezing overnight. Everything was covered with a sugar dip, see the spiky ice crystals on a leaf… or this Symphoricarpos albus (snowberry).

Colourtherapy in Nature


Thorough #Colourtherapy with hypnotising hedera seeds 💚 Grass in a broken street tile: celebrate the fact that nature always will find a grip 💚 Fascinating little berry that eventually turns black. It’s the poisonous Solanum nigrum…

Colourtherapy Nature


On the lookout for orange I discovered this shrub just around the corner. Plenty of orange 🍊 in Amsterdam. A firethorn makes my day. The only flower in my garden: this chrysanthemum that holds on till severe frost arrives.

Colourtherapy Nature


Searching for red ❤ This is a berry that birds like to eat, according to the national park guy that caught me photographing it. The Dutch name, he taught me, is Gelderse Roos and apparently called Guelder Rose in English? I walked some bush trail to get this bright autumn leaf picture, of just a tiny plant near a tree. Rosehip red, spotted in the community garden near my house.

Colourtherapy Nature

Aqua Blue

The empty trees with the winter blues in the air, as seen from my office window. The icy blue sky and frosty green meadow. And a little aqua blue indoor composition with a vase from the thrift shop.


Will you go on Colourtherapy  in nature?