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Festival Mundial shows green in The Oasis

Festival Mundial

In the city of Tilburg, in the last weekend of June, ​​Festival Mundial is organised for the 30th time. For green lovers there’s a whole department to explore: The Oasis. Sustainability is central on this festival, with a vibrant green line-up.

Where other festivals take on all kinds of actions to work more sustainable, Festival Mundial does what it has always been doing: be green! The Oasis is a completely new festival experience. It is a meeting point and hangout with an inspiring green program.

Green line up

You will find workshops, demonstrations, lectures, recreational activities, entertainment, brand activities and food trucks. In addition to chilling and tasting, you will learn everything about local and organic food, bees and honey, recycling and upcycling, and vegetable gardening.

The Oasis is crowded with green stands and corners. You will discover the latest green trends at the stands of Stadstuinieren Magazine and CANNA Netherlands where they will tell you about indoor farming. Daisy Lane will cheer you up with flowers. And FabLab013, Poeperium and Fontys International Lifestyle Studies and many others are ready to contribute to a green festival weekend.

Head for a nice bite on the farmers market or in the open-air restaurant. During ‘Fifteen Minute Food Sessions’ you will learn tricks like cultivate oyster mushrooms to make responsible oatmeal caps.

Sleep in a sustainable cardboard tent

Festival Mundial

During Festival Mundial you can stay at the campsite in the water resistant KarTent: a disposable festival tent made entirely of cardboard. After the festival, the tent can be easily recycled to, for example, toilet paper.

“We are seeing that festival campers leave their tent on departure”, says Tim Hobbelman, head of production of the campsite. “This causes much unnecessary extra waste that is not recyclable. By using the cardboard tent, visitors can leave it without guilt. We are also working on a ‘Cardboard Village’ in which the KarTents will be central and where everything is made of cardboard.”

The tents are already set up for guests and can accommodate 2 people. One tent costs € 37,50 excluding camping tickets.

Information on Festival Mundial

Festival Mundial takes place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June 2017 in the Tilburg Spoorzone (near the central  railway station).

The campsite for the festival is organized by Stadscamping Tilburg. The campsite will open for Friday’s 23th June for guests of the festival until Monday 26th of June.