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Explore green Amsterdam in quarter De Pijp

De Pijp

When in Amsterdam and a when you’re a green lover, 19th century quarter De Pijp is one of the places to be.

This part of Amsterdam has a romantic feel. There’s a daily market, a park, hip shops, nice places to eat and drink and houses with remarkable Jugendstil tile details and green balcony’s.

De Pijp

Left: late rose keeping up appearances and a stylish lady feeding doves elegantly in the Sarphatipark.

Jolly tile in the Sarphatipark Street. Here you will spot a lot of typical Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) design near the front doors. This more than a 100 year old art form is based on plant and flower forms. Every house has its own unique tile decoration: it’s a treat to discover ‘m.

In the middle: the green jungle Sarphatipark.

Try to look up once in a while to discover green balconies.

De Pijp

Start at Coffee & Coconuts. This former cinema is now a hip grand cafe with lots of green elements. Good for breakfast, coffee, lunch or dinner.
De Pijp

Get your vitamins at the Albert Cuyp market. 🌱🌶🌿🍈

‘Thai lily’, only 5 euro! It’s turmeric actually…

Nigella in the flower stall and salvia at the herbs stand.

De Pijp

In the Gerard Doustraat there’s a series of special shops that sell nice green stuff, like plants, decorations and gardeners tools.

In the middle: perfect patio 💚 Spotted in the back of one of the funky shops.

Another shopping tip is Hutspot, an interesting concept store/cafe/barbershop/workspace in the Van Woustraat.

De Pijp

In the Sarphatipark, a group of garden volunteers is managing a plant swap and advice center for pavement and balcony gardening. Every afternoon they’re open and welcome visitors with a friendly green chit-chat 💚

See the website Groen Gemaal for more info.

De Pijp

DailyGreenspiration and Hipaholic organised an Urban Green tour in De Pijp last September. We had good fun!

Information about De Pijp

On this website there’s some more history. There’s actually lots of blogs and websites on De Pijp, so Google along!