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Clingendael in The Hague: go there in May


If you want to see two very special gardens on just one spot, plan to go to Park Clingendael in The Hague in between the first of May till the first week of June. You will be able to walk through majestic lanes full of multi-couloured rhododendrons, plus have access to the Japanese garden, that is only open a few weeks a year.

Rhododendron Lane


Walk the lane and give your eyes and nose a treat.


What about a light pink with a heavy orange? Colour combi discovery…


This flower is a heavy (good) smelling one. To me the hanging parts look like boxing gloves.


Or do you prefer pink or lilac? Smells overwhelming too!

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is only open from April 30th till the 12th of June. It is an old garden on the estate Clingendael. A peaceful place in oriental style with those typical Japanese elements like trees with curly forms and no lawns but soft emerald green mosses (40 species!).

Japanese Garden

Barones Marguèrite van Brienen started to develop the Japanese Garden on estate Clingendael end of the 19th century. She took some sculptures and typical Japanese elements and plants from Asia and designed her oriental Eden with the help of Japanese diplomats that were stationed in The Hague.

Japanese Garden

Holy temple in the Japanese Garden of Clingendael. Cutest Buddha I have ever seen. ❤

Japanese GardenJapanese Garden

Little red bridges in the Japanese Garden Clingendael. High as the back of an upset cat 😾


park clingendael

  • The main entrance of Park Clingendael is on the opposite of Wassenaarseweg 261. Bus 18 (departing from Den Haag Central Station + Holland Spoor) stops nearby.
  • There’s a information panel at the entrance. Take a picture to guide yourself around.
  • Two walking routes start at about 50 meters from the entrance, follow the yellow poles (4 kilometer) or the red poles (2 kilometer).
  • The Japanese Garden is situated in one part of the star shaped estate, a Star Forest (Sterrebos).
  • In Park Clingendael there’s a charming tea room with an outdoor terrace.