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Autumn Walk on the estates of ‘s Graveland

Autumn Walk

I tell you about one of my favourite spots to go for an autumn walk. It is on the estate of the Dutch nature preservation organisation Natuurmonumenten. In ‘s Graveland.

As I live nearby, I walk a lot here. In autumn it is The Best Place. You will see lots of coloured trees and if you look carefully, you’ll discover quite some mushrooms, fungus and toadstools.

Last year, this walk inspired me to post two Shroomtastic Weeks 🍄 on Instagram, because I made so many pictures of so many different shrooms along our path. I decided to divide the pictures a bit, ’cause too much shroom makes one see strange things 😉

I found about their latin names, for example, a fly agaric is an Amanita muscaria.

And I learned about crazy hashtags like #goneshroomin and this Dutch one: #staatsbosbeheer_paddenstoelenprikbord

Autumn Walk

Please do not touch or take the mushrooms, so we all will be able to enjoy them.

Autumn Walk 's-Graveland

You have to leave your bike, it’s hikers only here.

Autumn WalkAutumn Walk

Boletus edulis and Scleroderma citrinum (thank you Wikipedia).

Autumn Walk

This looks like a futuristic city.

Autumn Walk Spanderswoud

Learn Dutch: woud = wood.

Autumn Walk


Autumn Walk

Swan. Ready to nibble some green.

Autumn Walk 's-Graveland

This trail leads you through a large estate with forests, lanes, big trees and some green land. Like this remarkable plane tree (Platanus).

Autumn Walk 's-Graveland

Even as a dead tree, you can be photogenic and popular. One of the most photographed features is this old tree trunk: the spider tree…

Autumn Walk

More information on this autumn walk

In The Netherlands, walks are always very well pointed out with colour marks on wooden poles. So it is an easy going ‘adventure’ when you go for a hike. Just follow the red, green or yellow sign. I always tend to follow the longest trail. Here in ‘s Graveland it is the yellow trail.

Try to avoid the weekend days, because it will be very busy.

On this Dutch website you find some more info on the walking and hiking trails in this area.