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Add an artistic schwung to your garden

In the tiny village Witharen, there’s a artistic statue garden. The site is a beauty in itself, but the real surprise is the art that is displayed in all corners.

The exhibition is constantly changing, because the art is for sale. This year there’s new artists displaying their work, with about a hundred items. To me this garden was a big inspiration. I want some arty stuff in my garden too now! 

As I was biking when I visited Beeldentuin Witharen taking a statue home was not really an option…

So in the meantime, I created the Pinterest board Garden Art with over 60 pins of all kinds of decorative ideas you can DIY yourself easily – all are based on what I discovered in this art garden.

Take a look at the gallery below to find out your taste:

art in the garden Dailygreenspiration

  1. Egyptian Godess from Jannie de Ruiter, made from serpentine stone.
  2. Tree hangers from Annemarie van Uden, created from glass.
  3. Sunbathing women from Guiseppe Lamers, ceramics.

art garden

Glass and metal let a garden shine.

Annemarie van Uden made the glass statues, the ones on the left below are called ‘brests’, you see why.

The red metal artwork is from Cobi Dierikx.

artistic garden Dailygreenspiration

  1. See Through, by Cobi Dierikx, stainless steel.
  2. Green Women, by Annemarie van Uden, glass
  3. Dancing in the Green, from Thea Dijkema, clay.

art in the garden Dailygreenspiration

Around the pond: lovely art work from ceramist Thea Dijkema. Her workshop is in the garden.

artistic garden Dailygreenspiration

Horses by Alie Kalverda, ducks by Gertien van Rhijn.

artistic garden Dailygreenspiration

Bird from Klaas Kuipers.

Thea Dijkema also makes large coloured vases, I adore them.


More information on artistic gardens

There’s lot of hidden treasures, so Google on ‘art gardens’ in your region: with a very quick search I already found some links in Vancouver, Oregon and New Zealand.

Just look around and you might spot some art in the yard here and there, like the pictures below (sorry, I had to include a garden gnome, it is probably not considered art, but does not every garden need one?)


If you spot some interesting garden art, let me know.