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Experience the art of the mountains at RespirArt

RespirArt is one of the highest art parks in the world. This magic spot is situated about 2200 meters above sea level in the Italian Alps.


The idea for RespirArt came from the famous Italian sculptor Marco Nones and Beatrice Calamari, who is a journalist and a curator: “Respirare means breathing in Italian. We want people to take deep breaths and slow steps, to experience and understand the art and the mountains all together.”

RespirArt Marco Nones
Sculptor Marco Nones

In the seventies, in the mountains of Cavalese and Castello di Fiemme, there was a boy, hunting for roots and branches. It was Marco Nones, going through larch and fir tree forests to look for material to be modeled. His grandfather had taught him how to love and work wood.

With his craftsmanship he was able to put out what nature itself had put into that wood. The forest was his undisputed master. Nowadays he creates beauty by raising conceptual art installations directly into nature, where it blends in with the environment. He is a well known and praised international land art sculptor.

His heart lies in the mountains where he grew up. “He has an extreme, brave, obsessive relationship with mountains”, says curator Beatrice Calamari.

A park in his mountains, filled with art from fellow artists like the Japanese elite artist Hidetoshi Nagasawa, was a vision that came true in 2011. It is situated high above Pampeago, among the Dolomites of Trentino, in Val die Fiemme.


At the entrance of the park, you’ll see the artistic installation Latemar’s Theater, the creation of Marco Nones himself. It was born on a sunny day in September 2012, thanks to the help of eight strong men. They followed the instructions of master Nones and overlapped a sequence of pieces of larch wood into a kind of robust harp. From every angle it looks different and from every angle it blends in with the mountains around it and the clouds in the sky. “The Dolomites are the backstage of my life”, Nones explains.


Along 3 kilometer walk you can discover several installations that are ‘playing’ with the nature around them. The contemporary art installations are made of natural materials such as wood and stone. The masterpieces are created by international artists and graciously embrace the philosophy of the dolomitic atmosphere of Latemar, a Unesco’s World Heritage Site.


Those wooden balls, as thrown on the slope by a giant, are from Thorsten Schütt. The art work is called Avalanche of Thoughts.


The art piece Living Nature from Mauro Lampo Olivotto forces you to investigate your surroundings and your own position in the landscape.


Different perspectives, different views, different thoughts.


Look around to discover art and fun.


After enjoying the art, you might climb another mountain top? Follow the goats!


Information about RespirArt

  • The website of RespirArt gives some information about the park.
  • RespirArt is to be visited by the chairlift Agnello from around the first of July to mid September (varies every year). Timetable: 8:30-13:00 and 14:15-17:30.
  • You also can walk up there, which takes about half an hour, starting from the bottom chairlift station Tresca in Pampeago. Take the path no. 514 towards Baita Caserina.
  • In the park there are two mountain huts where you can eat typical dishes: Rifugio Monte Agnello and Baita Caserina. For the hikers reaching the park by the chairlift, the first mountain hut is Rifugio Agnello. For the hikers reaching the park by foot, the first mountain hut is Baita Caserina.

Other land art in the region Trentino

  • Ledro Land Art is an art course in a green landscape near the city of Ledro to enhance the landscape and promote reflection on artistic practices and natural territory.
  • The breath of the trees is an art path in the woods, brainchild of painter and sculptor Giampaolo Osele in the northwestern part of the plateau of Lavarone and it leads, in a series of works of art from several international artists made from wood, trees and, pieces of nature to the sweeping panoramic views on the deep valley of the Centa and high Valsugana. Starting point is in Lanzino.

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