Join the challenge on Instagram with #spreadnaturelove

Every Sunday evening, DailyGreenspiration posts a collage of nine pictures that were posted with hashtag #spreadnaturelove that last week.

This summer we organised a special challenge, with Saal Digital.

I would adore you if you make it a habit to use the hashtag #spreadnaturelove when posting a nature picture.

For this reason the Summer Photo Challenge was a great idea: post your best nature images with the hashtag and you might win the 50 euro coupon to spend on @SaalDigital_nl products to print your picture on postcards, mugs, stickers, canvas. So…I said to my IG followers: “Go go go and make that winning beauty! And share it with the hashtag #spreadnaturelove”

Spreadnaturelove collage

Every Sunday evening a collage of the nine posts of the week was published on Instagram and out of all those, the winner has been chosen on August 27 💚 All the other 47 participants got a special code to order stuff with a discount.

While creating the collage posts, I tried to bring together the pictures that matched well in a certain colour, form or texture theme. It was really fun to do, so I keep on making them.

The winners

The winner was @bad_daisies. It was sooo hard to choose from all the beauty, but I fell for the graphic quality of the picture. It has captured texture, form, colour in an intriguing and mysterious way.

Winner Summer Photo Challenge: @Bad_Daisies

But also so very appealing, where the pictures of the other 4 ‘almost winners’ @jbcourteau  / @ankespoelstra / @ele_co1 and @i_reene

From left top to right bottom: @jbcourteau @ankespoelstra @ele_co1 @i_reene

Naturally ALL participants made great pictures, you can have a look yourself by searching with #spreadnaturelove on Instagram. Which one would you have chosen as your winning photo?

Autumn Photo Challenge

It was much fun to organise this challenge, so an Autumn Photo Challenge is in development… In the meanwhile: keep on using #spreadnaturelove to meet other nature lovers and being featured in the Sunday Collage.